Red Sox pictures - August 3, 2005

A Day at Fenway Park
August 3, 2005

Usually, we take in a Red Sox game for my birthday. This year I wanted to make a day out of it by also taking the tour of Fenway Park and arriving early for the game itself to watch the teams take batting practice. We all had a great time, especially since our seats were on the famous Green Monster. These seats are among the hardest to get in baseball, but if you ever get the chance...take it, the experience is not one you'll soon forget!

Tours of Fenway Park are offered daily, year-round. The tour takes you all over the historic park, from the .406 Club to the Green Monster. If you're lucky enough, you may even get to walk along the warning track around the outfield (we didn't get there early enough for that part)!

Historic Fenway Park!
Home of the
2004 World Champion
Boston Red Sox!
The view of the field
from the press box
The Green Monster
as seen from the press box
And right field from
the press box
A look at the inside
of the press box
The view from the
.406 Club
Looking out at the
Cool beer taps
in the .406 Club!
The Green Monster has
the oldest manually operated
scoreboard in baseball
The view of the field
from the grandstand seats
Some young fans got to
take batting practice
Kathy & Isabelle
in front of an old sign

We came back to Fenway early to watch batting practice. The gates open two hours before each game to allow fans to watch the teams warm up for the game. Kathy had to take Isabelle for a walk while I watched batting practice, since the players use the Green Monster for target practice. Several balls landed within just a few feet of our seats, but unfortunately I didn't catch any.

The Red Sox start
their batting practice
How can you
beat this view?
Edgar Renteria (#3)
takes batting practice
Johnny Damon
fields some balls
The view looking across
the Green Monster
towards the bleachers

Game time! On this night, the Red Sox took on the second worst team in the American League (at the time), the Kansas City Royals. The game had it all, including a three-run home-run by Manny Ramirez in the first inning (which came quite close to our seats!). There was even a collision between Manny and Edgar Renteria while both were trying to catch a fly ball. Somehow, Manny held onto the ball for the final out of the inning, even though he was down for several minutes! Curt Schilling closed out the game to give the Red Sox a 8-5 victory over the Royals.

Our seats were under
the giant Coke bottles
Across the park is the
right field roof tables
Isabelle and I
overlooking the field
Apparently Isabelle
was thirsty
Manny Ramirez waits for
the game to begin
Isabelle and Kathy
have some dinner
The three of us
pose for a picture
The Kansas City Royals
start things off by
going down in order
Johnny Damon
leads off for the Sox
with a walk
Manny Ramirez just before
hitting a 3-run home run
which landed just to our right
Manny Ramirez and
Edgar Renteria
go down after colliding.
Manny caught the ball
to end the inning!
David Ortiz
up at bat
Wally decided to watch
a little of the action
from atop the Green Monster
Curt Schilling finishes
off the Royals
Isabelle stayed awake
for the entire game!

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