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Let me take this opportunity to welcome you all to our website! Kathy and I felt that having our own website was a great way to let all our friends and family know what we've been up to and what we're planning on doing. It also gave me the motivation to learn HTML. Originally, I took the "easy" way out of creating this site and let various programs do the coding for me. However, I quickly realized that to do everything I wanted, I would need to write the code myself. That's where the website HTML Goodies came in. The site contains tutorials for just about anything you could want to do with a website. So, after a few hours learning HTML code, I created this website using only Notepad to write it. I highly recommend the HTML Goodies site to anyone wishing to create their own website.

As many of you know, movies play a big part in my life. I first started working in movie theaters back in late 1989 and have been hooked ever since. I'd have to say that the best position in the theater is, hands down, a projectionist. In this role, I have the ability to watch any movie currently playing at my theater. However, I much rather prefer watching movies from the comfort of an auditorium with my friends, especially with a lot of other people in the auditorium (sometimes the audience reaction to a movie can make the movie much more enjoyable).

In addition to watching the latest movies in the theater, I also enjoy watching them on DVD. With over 400 DVDs in my collection (not to mention the almost 100 VHS tapes I own), there's never a shortage of things to watch! To help me catalog all my DVDs, I found a great program called DVD Profiler. With this program, all I have to do is enter the DVDs UPC code and the program will fill in all the information about the movie (everything, including the title, cast list, cover art, film description, and all the technical details). It even has the ability to upload your collection to their website so everybody can see what titles you have, which ones you've ordered, and which ones you want. In fact, you can click here to view my collection!

Well, I hope you like what I've done with our little corner of the web. Don't forget to bookmark this site and check back often. Enjoy!


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Last modified: 2/06/08