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Here are some pictures from some of our many adventures! Click on any of the pictures to see a larger version.

Fenway Park 2005: To celebrate my birthday, we all spent a day at Fenway Park to see the Boston Red Sox. We all had a great time! There were so many pictures from that day that I put them all on a seperate on the following link to see them: Red Sox pictures (the link will open in a new window).

Florida Vacation 2005: To celebrate my mother's (and Kathy's!) birthday, we all took a week-long trip down to Florida! Isabelle was wonderful on her first plane ride and she had lots of fun in the sun. While there, we went to the zoo, took a nature walk, swam in the pool, and relaxed. All of this in addition to the big party, during which Isabelle had a great time.

Having fun at the zoo We saw bears... ...and lots of alligators! Isabelle & Kathy sitting
on an alligator
Isabelle sees a turkey...
...and a deer A big crocodile! Isabelle's favorite part,
the otters!
Isabelle enjoying a car ride Isabelle having lunch before
taking a nature walk
Isabelle models her
bathing suit
Isabelle swimming with mom... ...and dad Isabelle feeding grandma
some Cheerios...
...and reading her
Cheerios book
Isabelle standing up Florida sure can be tiring! Party time! Isabelle with mom
and her Savta
Everyone enjoyed the party
Isabelle even tried to sing! Plenty of dancing going on Gary Derman getting friendly
with the ballon man!
Isabelle got to have
some chocolate cake
So adorable!

New Year's Eve 2004: For New Year's Eve this year, we went to Boston Billiards here in Nashua. Joining us were our friends Cindy, Chris, Maureen & Jim, Holly, Stacy, Jeanette, Brian & Stephanie. Happy New Year! :)

August 2003: Cottage Fest! Another summer, another druken weekend at the cottage! wasn't all play, we did get some repairs done on the cottage, thanks to help from Katie, Alec, Ed and Laura. But after night fell, the deck of cards came out and the beer did flow! The only downside to all that drinking was the next morning!
August 2003: Def Leppard in concert! Kathy and I had front row tickets to see Def Leppard perform at the Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester, NH. We had a great time at the show and as you can see in the pics below, the band is still in top shape after all these years!
June 2003: Brad's Graduation! On June 7, my brother Brad graduated from RISD (Rhode Island School of Design)! Brad received his BA of Fine Arts in Film, Animation and Video. Cogratulations Brad!
June 2003: Jimmy's Birthday! As a little surprise for Jim's birthday (and I'm talking about Kathy's brother), his girlfriend Heather hired an Elvis impersonator to seranade him at work! And naturally, I have to post the pictures on the internet for all to see! :) You're welcome Jim and thank you Heather!
April 2003: You gotta love spring skiing! Kathy was the grand-prize winner in an online contest thru a local TV station and won a weekend ski trip! We got 2 nights lodging slopeside, dinner and lift tickets. What made the weekend even better was the temperature hit 60 degrees on the first day, making it the ultimate in spring skiing (at least until the snow started getting slushy!).
February 2003: Blizzard '03! It's official...more snow fell during Blizzard '03 than during the infamous Blizzard of '78! At it's peak, snow fell at up to 4 inches per hour! Here at our house, we got about 20 inches total (the record-breaking amount of 27.5 inches was recorded at Logan Airport in Boston!).
February 2002: Here are some pics from our cruise aboard Carnival's newest ship, the Carnival Pride (only 3 weeks old when we boarded her)! The Carnival Pride (a Spirit class ship) is the longest and fastest ship in their fleet, at over 960 feet long (more than 3 football fields!) and 15 decks tall (all but 3 open to guests). We joined eight of our friends for this cruise (our first!), and we all had a wonderful time! The ports of call we visited were: Key West, Florida; Belize City, Belize; and Cozumel and Progresso, Mexico.
March 2001: Here are some pics from our trip to Discovery Cove in Florida. This was definitely a unique experience! We had such a great time, as you can tell by the photos. The dolphin we were swimming with was a three year-old male named Diego. He was very friendly and loved the attention. To get more info on Discovery Cove, check the Links page.
February 1999: My poor Saturn! This happened when I hit black ice driving along Route 89 in New Hampshire on the way to go skiing. Amazingly, neither of us was seriously hurt in the accident and the car was repaired and is still running to this day. My next car will definitely be another Saturn! To get more info on Saturn cars, check the Links page.

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