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08/29/05: As you may have noticed, I have temporarily removed the various movie related pages on this site. With all the things going on over the past few months, I simply have not had the time to update the information. Therefore, rather than having outdated information, I have decided to remove these pages until I can find the time to get them back on track. I hope you all understand!

07/01/05: Kathy returned home today...finally! :) As most of you know, Kathy had sugery back on June 22 to have her gall bladder removed. For the most part, Kathy pulled through the surgery ok, but was taking a long time to recover (and her usual morning sickness from her pregnancy did nothing to help her!). But, today was a big step forward in her recovery as she got to finally come home. While she still has a long way to go before she's back to her old self, at least she can now rest in the comfort of home. And Isabelle and I are certainly glad to have her back in our daily lives. Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and support during Kathy's recovery!

05/03/04: Looks like I spoke too soon! Little Isabelle Mary was born on May 1 at 6:23am. She weighed 7 pounds 13 onces. Check out her page to see some pics of her (like you haven't already!).

04/30/04: Kathy's due date of April 29 has come and gone and there's still no baby. Well, they say the first baby usually arrives late, so I guess we're right on target!?! Besides, have any of you known either Kathy or myself to be on-time for anything?, so the baby must be taking after it's parents. :) According to the latest tests, the baby's doing great and should be arriving in the next few days. Stay tuned for further updates! :)

01/16/04: Well, due to some email issues, my webhost switched servers. Along with this new server comes some restrictions however, like no more unlimited space and bandwidth. So, to keep my site more manageable, I've had to remove the Trailers page (that page alone was over 500MB, well above the 200MB limit that I now have...the rest of the site falls well below this limit). Oh well, such is life.

12/17/03: And another new feature (well, somewhat new) to the site is the addition of a movie trailer page! Here, you can find the trailers (aka previews) of several upcoming films. And all the trailers that are posted here can be downloaded to your computer (something that is often not possible when watching them on the film's official site)! You can check out the trailers by clicking here, or there is also a link at the top of the Movie Schedule page. Download and enjoy!

11/28/03: We both felt that we would need a new car to go along with the new baby (easier access to the rear seats, more storage, etc.), so we got Kathy a car, well SUV actually. Kathy has become part of the Saturn family with her new 2004 Saturn VUE! It looks, and more importantly, drives beautifully! Click here for a picture of Kathy's new VUE.

11/18/03: Well, as most of you already know by now, Kathy and I are expecting our first baby! How exciting! :) I've created a new page so all the baby news will be in one place!

11/03/03: Another new feature to our site is my DVD Schedule page, partnered with . On this new page, it will list all the major upcoming DVD releases as well as recent releases (what's come out in the past month or so). And, not only that, but I've partnered with my favorite online DVD retailer, DVD Empire, in an effort to make a few extra bucks! So, that means, you can buy any of the DVDs you see listed on my site thru DVD Empire (which has great prices!) simply by clicking on the DVD titles listed on my page. I should note that I only support widescreen versions of DVDs when there's a choice, but you can still order those evil full screen versions thru me as well by clicking on the general DVD Empire logo and doing a search for the title you want. Enjoy this new feature and shop away!

05/19/03: We now have a new, permanent home on the web here at! Rather than switch over all our email addresses & website over to another new company (from ATTBI to Comcast), and fearing another similar move in another year or so, I went out and got our own domain name, so we will never have to change email addresses or website addresses again. So, change your bookmarks to the new address and stop by often! Enjoy!

02/16/03: We have a new feature on our website! Kathy's Recipe of the Month, where we will post some tasty recipes that we enjoy and will hope that you will to! Check out Kathy's page for the recipes!

10/01/02: We've finally returned from our honeymoon in Hawai'i, and we had a wonderful time! We did all sorts of things, like swim with sharks, watch the lava flowing from the volcano from 3 feet away, hike Diamondhead, ocean kayaking, parasailing, horseback riding, and much more! Check out the Wedding page for pics from the honeymoon.

08/25/02: I've finally gotten around to taking some more pictures of the house. Here's a better shot of the outside, and here's one of the living room and the kitchen! (Note: links has been removed, you've all seen the house by now!)

07/31/02: Today was the day we closed on our new house! Can you believe it...we now own our very own house! :) Over the course of the next couple of weeks, we'll be moving all our stuff in (because we all know how much it sucks to move everything in one day!), with me moving in sometime in mid August and Kathy moving in after we get back from our honeymoon in September. We are very excited about it! Hopefully, we'll be able to get some better pics of the house up soon.

07/15/02: Do you want to help a movie get made? Click here to find out more! (Note: link has been removed...the movie is getting made)

06/21/02: Well...the big news is that Kathy and I have bought a house (although, many of you know that already)! The house is in NH and we close on it on July 31. I will be moving in during the month of August and then Kathy will join me after we get back from our honeymoon in September. We are very excited about it! :)

06/15/02: While this isn't the big news I was referring to (check back in the next few days for that), it is great news! :) Introducing Kathy's nephew, Brady James Drakoulakos! Born 3/11/02 at 5 lbs, 4 oz to Katie & Alec.

05/30/02: Big news coming soon! Check back in about two weeks to find out what it is!

02/12/02: We've moved already! Due to the aquisition of Mediaone by AT&T, all existing Mediaone email addresses and webpages needed to be changed. The original website ( and email address ( will only be active for until March 15, then they will be gone forever. Instead of waiting until the last mintute, I've moved everything to the new address now to give everyone time to update their bookmarks! So, bookmark the new location now as: or (either one will work!).

01/25/02: We now have our own place on the net!!! Kathy and I will use this site, and this page in particular, to keep everyone updated on what is going on in our lives (or, at least the important stuff). We’ll post pictures from trips that we go on (on the Pics page), give our thoughts on movies we see (when and if we get to see them, on the Movies page), post some tasty recipes (on Kathy’s page), and more! So, look around check back often!