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I like playing with
my new fridge magnets.
Strawberries are yummy. I love candy canes! Mmmmm.... Like my new haircut?
I sit in a seat
like a big girl!
Like my new house
that I can color?
I got a stylish
new winter hat
My very own vacuum!
Looking cute as can be
Yeah, I'm pretty! It's so tough
being this cute
Having a bowl of
ice cream soup
with cousin Haley
Just relaxing Hanging out with my toys
Dinner break! Bye! Oooo...
hot chocolate!
Striking another pose Mmmmm...
peanut butter sandwich
with Cheerios!
Like my pigtails? Playing the paper towel tube
for uncle Jimmy
I'm ready to go now! I was Mickey Mouse
for Halloween
Hey, there's candy in here!
We visited the
Butterfly Place
I'm not too sure about
all these butterflies
Here's a pretty butterfly... ...and another one too! I help mommy
with the laundry!
Playing with my school bus Yup, I can still
stick my foot in my mouth!
I beep my nose whenever
the microwave beeps
Getting ready for
a walk with mommy
Posing with dad

Last modified: 4/20/06